About Mt Hood Ice Cream Company

The Mt. Hood Ice Cream Company produces premium ice cream for the great Northwest. You will find our delicious ice cream flavors in pints at grocers across Oregon.

Mt. Hood Ice Cream...A Continued Northwest Tradition

History...the first time

Mt. Hood Ice Cream traces its roots back to 1904, when the company provided quality ice cream to the great Northwest. For over 20 years, MHIC’s dedication to excellence, innovation and quality garnered the company unending praise. Unfortunately, the Great Depression forced Mt. Hood Ice Cream to close its doors. Since then Ice Cream has undergone an evolution with new recipes, adventurous flavors, but also the addition of hormones, gums and preservatives.

Second time around...new life

Fast forward to 2008. We resurrected the company and breathed new life into the brand to treat the Pacific Northwest to a taste of authentic, locally sourced and produced, hormone free ice cream. We follow the time-honored tradition that incorporates only the best of the Northwest: time-tested recipes, the magic of mythical Mt. Hood and a 21st century ingenuity.

When you indulge in Mt. Hood Ice Cream, know that you are not only supporting a local small business but also enjoying the best ice cream that the great Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Enjoy Mt. Hood Ice Cream and make ice cream a part of your Mt. Hood story, too.

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