Mt. Hood Ice Cream Flavors
Vanilla Mountain Mint Chip Ice Cream Chocolate Avalanche Ice Cream


Vanilla Glacier

Our smooth, creamy timeless favorite

The highest quality dairy makes our Vanilla some of the creamiest ice cream around. Pop open the lid and the delicious landscape packed with specks of real vanilla bean makes for the perfect companion to some warm apple pie.

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Mountain Mint Chip

Refreshing flavor. Refreshingly natural.

Our purely local Oregon mint is infused directly into the milk instead of being pre-mixed into the chocolate chips making for tastes that perfectly complement each other in a swirl of cool, sweet, refreshing indulgence.

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Chocolate Avalanche

The chocoholicís best friend

You'll have to train your mouth to handle the large chunks of cocoa and rich fudge swirls stuffed into our Chocolate Avalanche. The smooth chocolate flavor combined with dark cocoa chips and fudge flows makes for, literally, an avalanche of delicious taste.

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*Mt. Hood Ice Cream is hormone free